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Besides supporting a vet and awesome guy (lol), paid subscriptions will help me devote more time to this effort, which I truly feel is incredibly important (we simply MUST unite this country and I think I can help do this).

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This is important because for me, it’s the fastest way I’ll be able to return to becoming a full-time author again (my writing journey/curse), which means I’ll have more time to write fiction, cover news, and try to unite the country and motivate others — all things I feel drawn to do.

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Want to know more about me?

And what I’m like?

Read on.

My friends aren’t surprised I launched The View from the Front, as I once launched a weekly newspaper from scratch. (Hey, what can I say? As a former journalist, I love the news and I believe in the role of the media; and I think a lot of the media falls short.)

The beginning... We started with big dreams and a $20,000 loan.

I’m still so proud of the newspaper I launched and ran for nine years.

In hindsight, that little newspaper was too generous on pricing to my advertisers, too lenient on my collection terms, and too giving to the community. (I just couldn’t say “no” to good causes, whether it was donating ads or news space. Frankly, I was almost foolish and irresponsible in my giving in hindsight. On this point, my friends will also tell you that I’m honestly just almost too nice. And when you’re too nice in business — especially the newspaper business — it’s almost impossible to make a profit and keep a business sustainable.)

You can ask anyone who lived in Oak Ridge during that time and they will tell you that I also sought to downplay controversy, understate headlines, and never create panic, all of which is a terrible way to sell newspapers (but a responsible way for a media outlet to act).

Looking back, it’s clear I had a big heart and that I wasn’t made to be some kind of cut-throat business executive.

It’s this same streak in me that prevents me from signing any book deals, even big ones. I just don’t trust ruthless business executives at the big publishers.

And even if I did, that very same company that I trusted could be bought and purchased overnight. Sorry, but I’ll pass on that.

The truth is that while I’ve relented and signed some distribution deals, such as the one I did with Audible for my Nick Woods series, I’m just not willing to be owned by any of the big publishing houses.

If I want to speak out on China? I will, and do so regularly. If I want to send free books to military members? I have. (And I do.)

My success to this point has been made by doing it the right way: gaining one new reader or one new subscriber at a time. So join me on my journey. Let’s build a community of like-minded Americans, who believe in this country and in our fellow citizens (even those on the other side of the aisle).

People who believe in small businesses and independent dreamers on their own journey, whether it’s owning a small farm or staying independent in their creative fields.

And when it comes to politics? No name-calling. No screaming. Just honest discussion and a genuine search for the truth.

In the end, we truly all want the same: good government, unity throughout our land, and ethical leadership.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. If you have further questions or would like to email me directly, you can reach me at: