My thoughts on the division in this country

I strongly believe in the mission of trying to unite this country.

I believe the division in our country is the greatest threat this nation faces.

I’ve read enough Roman history to know that internal divisions are what ripped that country apart and cut short its history. (Also, France, in the French Revolution, as well as a hundred other countries I could name.)

But in Rome’s case, an empire that had existed for more than a thousand years was torn apart by internal strife.

The bottom line is, I know deep in my heart that we MUST come together before evil forces rip this country apart. This is what deep in our souls we know God is telling us to do. To love our neighbor. To not lie or slander our enemy. To not threaten civil war against our fellow Americans when we should turn the other cheek.

But this message of love is constantly assaulted by loud media figures and politicians, who frighten good Americans with exaggerated, fear-based stories designed to scare and divide.

I want to use my small (and growing!) publication to remind each of us on a regular basis that most of us are being played by divisive political and news figures, who are ripping apart this great country just so they can reach a higher office or gain more followers and ad dollars.

Most Americans are good, and we need to remember this.


And each of us won the lottery by being born in this great country. That’s a flat-out fact.

While we face great challenges (division, debt, and dysfunction in Washington), America has stood together for more than 240 years. And it’s only by pulling our country closer together that we can pass on a better future for our kids. 

We can heal these wounds. We can love those on the other side. We can bite our tongues and stop shouting back. This healing begins with each of us, and as we show greater love and restraint, the unfounded fears of the other side will recede.

Those acting in anger will see that they have been lied to. That they have been played. That they have been manipulated.

You can be a light. You can start the healing, right now, beginning in this very moment wherever you live.

Most Americans are good people, who would help you in a heartbeat. I’ve been helped out in the country, and I’ve also been helped in major cities.

My friends, most Americans are good. Love your fellow Americans. Please. ❤️🙏