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You might say, there are already a lot of political newsletters out there. What makes you different?

I’m doing this — in part — because I couldn’t find anyone speaking with kindness, calm, and love about politics; as well as hope and a small bit of faith, too.

In my opinion, there is too much anger in politics. And I will do my best to bring the spirit of Lincoln into each thought I share on here.

I will also have an optimistic and positive tone to every post. I’m actually optimistic about the future, but I’m not naive. Even if we take some punches or get knocked down in the days and weeks to come, the “better angels of our nature” must climb back to our feet and never surrender.

P.S. If you enjoy this site and its subject matter, I’ll bet you’d love the book below about President Obama.

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I’m a prior Marine and Republican, who's now a moderate. I write Lincoln-like political thoughts, full of kindness and hope. I truly believe most Americans are good and we need compromise, unity, and love. Not hatred or extremes.


Stan R. Mitchell

Prior USMC. Love America. https://stanmitchell.substack.com