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"Personal freedoms used to be — and still are — a big deal to Republicans"

Um, no. The supersonic velocity of books bans, trans bans, abortion bans, in most red states, or states with a Republican legislature stands against that assertion.

Republicans can win the WH in 2024. All they have to do is force a default by not raising the debt ceiling. It'll crash and burn. The first few weeks, Republicans will be blamed.

Then, the mainstream media, which leans Republican, will start helping Republicans, and the devastation will be blamed on Biden and the Democrats.

This was tried out successfully. In late 2013, Ted Cruz and McConnell hut down the government, The polls indicated a severe backlash on Republicans. Democrats enjoyed a 7-9 point advantage in the generic polls.

Less than a year later, the Democrats lost both chambers of Congress. The Senate went from 53-47 to 46-54 for them.

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